Being a 20-year old is a kind of a crossroad in life. There are new opportunities and you want to make the best decision and set the tone for the years to come. Some young people will focus on fun or exploring life in a slower track and others will focus on the long-term investment by building a firm foundation for their future. Everybody is telling you that success formula includes hard work, consistency, and patience, in order to achieve what you desire.  

Still, you feel the need for the right professional guidance, learning through practical work experience, mentoring and networking.

You are at the right place. 

Welcome to Klett DUAL school! 

Benefits for you:

  • Increased employability potential 
  • An ensured quality basis for a successful start of work after completing the School   
  • Vocational education based on the certified program of Klett DUAL School, combined with practical work experience in a company
  • Higher motivation through coaching & mentoring
  • Advanced productivity and real-time results achieved during the practical work experience at a company 
  • Certificate of successful Klett DUAL program completion