Dual model


The Klett DUAL curricula were developed in cooperation with German and Serbian technical and didactic experts and are tailored to the needs of the Serbian economy. From classical electrics and pneumatics to industry 4.0 production, we cover an extensive field of relevant content without having to carry obsolete or useless knowledge as ballast.


Activity-based learning is at the heart of our dual education approach. From the curricula we develop learning situations, in which the students are given tasks that they have to solve on their own responsibility accompanied by teachers. Beside professional, students acquire methodological skills that are directly transferable to their occupation. The "Model of Complete Action", successfully used in German vocational training programs, serves as a guiding principle. It shows the implementation of the task in six steps from the first collection of relevant information to the evaluation of the result as illustrated in this video:


The dual education and training is to a large extent carried out in the companies themselves, and thus in "real life". Together with our teachers, we draw up a training plan for each student that is matched to the school content.

The rapid entry into operative business offers the student the opportunity to apply new knowledge directly and thereby consolidate it.

The company has the opportunity to train them in a targeted manner to meet specific operational needs and to quickly put them to productive use.