You are trying to learn German still, you can't speak.

In high school, you learn only to get good grades. All the teachers in high school were saying "study my subject, you'll need it".

Of all the subjects, the first one you will need is German because knowing English is a default, but knowing the second language is an important advantage when looking for a job. 

Then you try with the help of apps and even YouTube channels to remind yourself, which was not that bad.

But after a month or so, you begin to lack motivation. There is no teacher to correct you when you speak and there is no way to communicate with others who are at your level so that you can compare yourself and see if there is any hope for your German.

Then you try the 1on1 private class approach, but occasionally you or the teacher cancel appointments, so there is no discipline or continuity.

You see and understand that the best option is to study in a group, to have fixed terms that you cannot move, and to have people around you who will be able to speak German during and outside the course.

This is exactly how Ernst Klett DUAL School was created. To answer all your needs.

The German way of courses organization: all on time, well organized and transparent.

Goals clearly set and how to reach them methods presented.

A learning space that encourages creativity.

A teacher who, in addition to being a specialist, is also available for any questions.

The only thing that is not “typically German” is humor.

The humor and the atmosphere are nonetheless Serbian and you feel comfortable and welcome.

What you think is impossible is still achievable with great teachers and a great group.

You will start speaking German and we will convince you that it is not that difficult 😉

Groups have a maximum of 10 participants.

Course A1.1 includes 18 terms of 90 minutes each - price 168 eur (VAT included)

Course A1.2 covers 23 terms of 90 minutes each price - price 216 eur (VAT included)

The intensity is two or three times a week and enrollment is open!

For more information on German language courses in our training center, please contact us at: or +381 11 400 9319