Mechatronic alphabet
Mechatronic alphabet (98 hours): StructureMechatronic alphabet

Our educational programme introduces the students to the multidisciplinary professional area of mechatronics, which is based on integrated principles of mechanical and electronic engineering and computer science.

Professional skills:

By analyzing state-of-the-art didactic models, students have the opportunity of mastering the logic of functioning and the algorithm pattern of mechatronic systems control.  

The process of acquiring knowledge and skills is based on identifying and resolving mechatronic problems using examples from the work environment. Acquisition of knowledge has been designed to take place in the environment of specialized classrooms where students receive the necessary training for identifying and eliminating errors or irregularities in a real mechatronic system. 

One of the particular values of this programme is teaching the students how to manufacture simple spare parts by applying additive techniques. One of the methods, currently very popular and widely used, is manufacturing a spare part by means of 3D print.

Fee: 490 € + VAT

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Maintenance of mechatronic systems
Maintenance of mechatronic systems (498 hours): StructureMaintenance of mechatronic systems

Students acquire the necessary skills for addressing different challenges in the sphere of maintenance and repair of mechatronic systems. After completing the training course, they are competent for performing routine and planned maintenance work, including diagnostication of problems and assembly of new parts. They develop a sense of responsibility and a positive attitude towards the significance of functional and technical serviceability of machines and devices.

Professional skills:

The training is intended for all those wishing to get acquainted with state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment and with identifying errors in a mechatronic system by applying modern technology. The technical approach to resolving problems along with developing the students’ flexibility and creativity facilitate the students’ acquisition of proper qualifications for working on the maintenance of mechatronic systems.

The programme is composed of five modules implemented in specialized classrooms and production facilities, based on theoretical and practical instruction. The topics discussed during the course of instruction also include: measuring of operational parameters of mechatronic systems, elimination of errors, record keeping, occupational health and safety measures, and environmental protection.

Fee: 990 € + VAT

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Higher mechatronic techninican
Higher mechatronic techninican (2.784 hours): StructureHigher mechatronic techninican

After acquiring the relevant qualifications, the student has the opportunity of finding a job in the sphere of production, consulting offices or laboratories in the field of production such as the automotive industry, machine and facility production, electrical power industry, processing industry, as well as in the crafts industry.

Professional skills:

A Higher mechatronic techninican is qualified for performing a broad range of tasks in the sphere of mechatronics, being an expert in mechanics, electronics and IT, as well as having a thorough knowledge of the role of technology based on mechatronics in the industry.

The duration of the programme is two years. It consists of five modules and represents a combination of theoretical instruction and practical training in a real work environment. Some of the topical fields discussed during the training course are: hydraulics and pneumatics, material science, applied mechanics, programmable logical controllers, digital electronics, testing and measuring instruments, automation and control systems, microcontrollers.

Training is intended for all technically oriented individuals wishing to have an interesting career and qualifications that provide for a broad range of business opportunities.

Fee for 2-year program: 4.800 € + VAT

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