Our values 

We foster a culture of professional openness and kindness. Our teachers, our Principal, and in particular, the Secretariat of the School are always an accessible professional and friendly support for both our students and companies.

We are focused on the educational progress of each individual student, complying with the rules set by Klett DUAL School.

Instruction provided by our School takes place in the pleasant atmosphere of classrooms equipped in accordance with modern standards; it has been organized in accordance with up-to-date technologies, being adjusted to the needs of the students. We use creative methods and teaching aids, such as case studies, projects, role plays, as well as digital textbooks. On-line team work and using social networks are an integral part of our programme.

We do not tolerate misbehavior. Physical or mental violence results in expulsion from school.

We are aware that the supreme value in education is - quality!

Our origins

Klett Präsenzlernen Osteuropa GmbH launched a project for the implementation of dual schools in Serbia, managed by its new Belgrade Branch (Klett DUAL School). The Project is co-financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science in collaboration with another two project partners from Germany, for a period of 3 years. One partner, ISW GmbH, is responsible for developing curricula and programmes, while the other one, University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen, is in charge of monitoring the project from the academic perspective.