Enrollment is open!

This spring we are enrolling of the first generation of mechatronics students.

The detailed structure and duration of all our programs in the field of mechatronics can be found on the Programmes page.

School management is open for all interested parties - to answer questions and help while choosing the best program according to the needs and possibilities:

• Anyone who has completed secondary or higher school, whether they have a job or not, who want to be professionally trained

• Parents supporting their children and participating in important decisions about their future 

• Companies that want to improve their business and results by investing in employees

Special opportunity includes possibility to pay in installments and great discounts provided for all programs:

• Mechatronics Alphabet 20% discount

• Maintenance of Mechatronic Systems 40% discount

• Higer Mechatronics Technician 50% discount

In case of any queries, please contact us on info@klett-edu.rs