FROM A PROFESSIONAL STANDPOINT Milica Gerasimovic: The teacher is both a motivator and a consultant

How would you present the Klett DUAL School methodology?

Teaching at the Klett DUAL School involves a variety of creative teaching methods, especially adapted to the adoption of professional skills and knowledge. The entire expert team is extremely dedicated to methodology and all elements of active learning - from adjusting the curriculum, developing learning situations, preparing for each lesson, and discussion after feedback from our students.

What is the role of the teacher towards the students at the Klett DUAL School?

In addition to their professional role, teachers build a partnership with the students, which involves providing support in all learning activities. The teacher is both a motivator and a consultant. We all have several roles to fulfill because each one is an important part of personal contribution. We are aware that team success and customer satisfaction is the only real benchmark.

Is mechatronics exclusively "men job"?

The prejudice that jobs in the field of technology are aimed mainly for men is being changed by the increasing number of girls opting for technical schools and colleges. Precision in measurement and fine-tuning, monitoring and analysis of problems is very important in mechatronics and these are skills are particularly noticeable with ladies.

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